Does your company have the potential to innovate one of our 3 industries? And are you ready to become the next BIG growth adventure?

Become part of Scale-Up Denmark! Join one of our 3 centres powered by Next Step Challenge

Then get ready for takeoff with Next Step Challenge & Scale-Up Denmark! We are ready to receive your application for our next batch kicking off in January 2018. So get ready to amaze us & become a part of our accelerator journey.

All applications must be submitted no later than midnight CET November 1st, 2017 for both international and Danish companies!

Qualified applicants will be contacted after a thorough initial screening process. Selection is carried out by an expert board.

The program kicks off on January 15th 2018 and spans 5 months. To be able to benefit extra from the program, international participants are required to move the Next Challenge sites. For Danish participants this is optional.

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Energy Efficient Technologies

For scale-ups in Energy Efficient Technologies.
The program grants scale-ups a unique access to a Unique digital infrastructure, worldclass powergrid, and a world-class accelerator program.

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Experience Economy & Tourism

For scale-ups in Experience Economy & Tourism.
The program grants scale-ups a unique access to knowhow in the industry, worldclass Experts and a world-class accelerator program.

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Offshore Industry

For scale-ups in Offshore Industry.
The program grants scale-ups a unique access to knowhow in the offshore industry, worldclass Logistics, Wind & Oil & Gas Experts and a world-class accelerator program.

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