A world-class business development program

What Are The Program Elements?

The Next Step Challenge program is made up of three different content elements: Mentor meetings, Camps and Coaches

Milestone meetings

Are intensive meetings with your personal program manager, business mentors, and a skilled group of industry specific coaches who’ll review your company’s business model. The milestone meetings also helps decide your company’s critical assumptions and specific challenges that you are facing. Finally the milestone meetings functions as the driver to plan and individualize the work done with your company during the program.


Are developed to inspire as well as teach the most current entrepreneurship and business development methods and tools. The camps focus on specific tools that your company can use in order to develop your full potential. For some camps we gather all companies from both branches, so that they can also function as a great opportunity to reach out and build a network. Other camps are individual & designed specific for your industry.

Program managers

Are the persons within the program that are dedicated to working with your company throughout the process. Each program manager is backed up by a team of experts.

What Are The Program Details?

Below you will find a more detailed overview of the Scale-up Denmark powered by Next Step Challenge process, along with some practical information.

All applications must be submitted no later than midnight CET December 1st, 2016!

Qualified applicants will be contacted after a thorough initial screening process. Selection is carried out by an expert board.

The program kicks off on February 1st 2017 and spans 5 months. To be able to benefit extra from the program, international participants are required to move to SE, Esbjerg, Greentech Center, Vejle or Sønderborg. For Danish participants this is optional.

The program is intensive and consists of:

Daily one-to-one sparring with on-site program managers, industry keypersons & experts.

Five Milestone meetings – from February – June:

Milestone meetings where the team, program managers, industry experts & business experts meet and “crunch” the case Focus on: Key hypotheses, how to test, learning and actions??

Six expert boot camps:

Experts present their take on the latest trends, industry related policy, pitching, high performance, marketing etc. and provide useful methods for succeeding as an entrepreneur.

Coaching – day-to-day individual sparring for your startup from the program managers and our industry/business manager corps:

Lean Canvas Focus on Business Insights Growthplans – Value proposition, pricing, revenue streams – 100 % market driven Strong industry insights Well connected


Event where we announce the finalist from each of our two branches – Energy Efficient Technologies & Offshore Industry and send the two winners to the Grand Finale in Scale-Up Denmark.

Grand finale

Scale-up Denmark hosts an annual national Grand finale where one finalist from each of the 10 hubs competes for the title as Scale-Up Denmark Company of the year.

The final event is not only a Grand Finale but an opportunity for the scale-ups to create a vital network and get contacts within the investment community.

Please contact SE’s Program Director Søren Røn for further information on Phone +45 51 24 21 20 or E-mail

Scale-Up Denmark’s Centre for Energy Efficient Technologies powered by Next Step Challenge is run by the following partners:


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