Location – Offshore

As a finalist in Scale-Up Denmark’s Elite Centre for Offshore Industry you will be located in/connected to the following  environment when you enter the program.


Imagine an innovation environment with next-generation energy and digitalization as the main focus!

SE Next Step is part of SE one of Denmark’s largest energy and Telecom suppliers and a Coop with more than 270.000 owners, the SE headquarter is in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Our ambition is to create an international living lab for businesses working with next-generation energy and digital products and services that utilise the unique qualities of the region’s worldclass smart power grid and fibre broadband.


The most impressive building is the headquarter of SE – the biggest plus-energy headquarter in Denmark. As a participant in Next Step Challenge, you will move into the office Space at SE Next Step right next to the SE Headquarter.

When you relocate to SE Next Step, you become part of an innovative environment with facilities and possibilities unlike anything you have ever seen.

All buildings and offices are state-of-the-art with access to a modern meeting facilities and a showroom. All facilities are sustainable and based on tomorrow’s technology.

SE Next Step offers direct access to a full-scale test laboratory with more than 270,000 connected consumers on the power grid, a Livinglab testpanel with 2.600 households & the most advanced fibre broadband infrastructure in Europe (perhaps even the world).

Your business will work alongside experts on CO2 neutral buildings and renewable energy, and you will have access to the expertise of leading Danish universities.

VIDEO: Located in Esbjerg, the Energy Metropolis of Denmark, SE Next Step is an enviroment for innovation & knowledge for providers of smart energy and digital products and services. We invite you to check out the SE headquarter right here:

Welcome to the SE headquarter!

SE – one of Denmark’s largests providers of electricity and fibre broadband infrastructure. Web site: www.se.dk (in Danish).