1463485755955The partners behind Scale-Up Denmark powered by Next Step Challenge make up the strongest supporting team any ambitious startup, scale-up & SME could wish for, check them out:

Founding partners behind Scale-Up Denmark:


Our partners in Scale-Up Denmarks Centre for Energy Efficient Technologies:

SE is one of Denmark’s largest providers of electricity and fibre broadband infrastructure. SE Next Step is SE’s department for Knowledge & Innovation. (in Danish).


Insero offers new solutions, projects and education within energy, IT and the airport sector. We are a leading expert on intelligent software, energy and e-mobility – and in how the technologies will integrate into the future Smart Grid..

CLEAN is a world-leading cleantech cluster with an international focus that is based in Denmark. Our mission is to accelerate the green and sustainable transition while realising growth for the Danish cleantech sector.

CLEAN is a facilitator of high-value cooperation between parties, by bringing members closer to markets, customers and peers.

CLEAN is a “triple helix” cluster with members from various sectors.

  • Public sector = “problem owner”, purchasing power, demand, market
  • Private sector = ability to innovate, commercialize and scale new solutions
  • Research institutions = cutting edge knowledge, research, innovation, and new ideas

CLEAN is a nonprofit association that facilitates cooperation between these three domains with tangible outcomes for all parties involved.


The purpose of Sønderborg Vækstråd is to create: Growth, new jobs & attract new employees to the Companies in the Sønderborg area. (in Danish)

Grundfos is a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technology. Grundfos contribute to global sustainability by pioneering Technologies that improve quality of life for people and care for the planet.

The Grundfos Group is represented by more than 80
companies in more than 55 countries. In addition, products are sold in a large
number of countries by local distributors.

An annual production of more than 16 million pump
units makes Grundfos one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers. Circulator
pumps for heating and air-conditioning as well as other centrifugal pumps for
the industry, water supply, sewage and dosing are the main products. Today
Grundfos is the world’s largest manufacturer of circulators, covering app. 50%
of the world market of these pumps.

In addition to pumps Grundfos produces and sells standard and submersible motors as well as state-of-the-art electronics for monitoring and controlling pumps. Additional products are produced in the BioBooster and Lifelink divisions.

Kamstrup is a world-leading supplier of intelligent energy and water metering solutions.

At Kamstrup, we define success by the Progress we create for others. Our superior technology and expertise have been the Foundation from which to transform businesses and markets, by creating more efficient ways of working, ever since the Company was founded by Olaf Kamstrup in 1946.

A hunger to always search for a better way of doing Things has put us at the cutting edge of the technological advancement of electricity, heat, cooling and Water solutions. We Work with energy and Water Companies, utilites and submetering businesses to protect their reputations, create new opportunities for Growth and inspire smarter, more responsible solutions for the Communities they serve.

Solar Danmark A/S is a part of a leading European sourcing and services company, operating primarily within the electrical, heating and plumbing, and ventilation technology sectors. Our core business centres on product sourcing, value-adding services and optimisation of our customers’ businesses. We believe in the power of yes and always strive to understand our customers’ unique and genuine needs in order to provide relevant, personal and value-adding services, turning our customers into winners.

Being a sourcing and services company, we focus on each individual customer. We work closely with you to offer tailored services that underpin your efforts to optimise your daily processes, develop your skills and run more profitable businesses. Our quick and accurate delivery can help increase your productivity. We deliver the right products on time, exactly when, where and how you need them. We have the best distribution system and the most dedicated employees. (in Danish)

DIS (Dansk Ingeniør Service A/S) is one of the leading engineering and development companies in Denmark with offices in Denmark, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and in the US. We provide consulting services, consulting and solutions to industry in Denmark and abroad. Our goal is to rapidly and predictably transform professional knowledge into commercial solutions.

As an engineer and our customer, you will notice an enthusiasm for technology which results in satisfied customers and employees. It has made DIS into a company that today has the largest development house in Denmark.


Olesen & Jensen A/S specialize in electricity & has 90 years of experience. With a broad spectre of focuses such as industry, automisation, security, communication, energy optimization & electrical engineering. (in Danish).


The VP industry group, with headquarters in Lem, Denmark, is a partner to leading industrial companies. Vestas Aircoil is an approved maker of charge air coolers for 2 and 4 stroke diesel and Gas engines. Our charge air coolers can be used for many applications such as marine, power plants, generators / alternators, compressors, gas, wind energy and offshore. The key breakthrough came with the development of charge air coolers for Burmeister & Wain in 1956. Since then, Vestas Aircoil has become an approved OEM supplier for many of the well-known engine builders.

Vestas Industrial Cooling engineer, develop, manufacture and service cooling towers and dry coolers to meet with all requirements and our products are used across wide and varied range of industries.

Today VP industries is a modern manufacturing company, aiding its clients with many R&D projects and performing both OEM/series production tasks as well as short term bespoke units. With multiple production locations in Europe and Asia and a global sales & service network. .

Our partners in Scale-Up Denmarks Centre for Offshore Industry:

Denmark’s national cluster and innovation network for the offshore industry. is a member-based non-profit organisation with the overall purpose of gathering the offshore sector’s players, strengthening the sector and collaborating about the challenges of the future through a joint effort.

Through development projects and networking initiatives, ensures that exchange of knowledge and experience between companies takes place that can reinforce and visualize their competences. .

SE is one of Denmark’s largest providers of electricity and fibre broadband infrastructure SE Next Step is SE’s department for Knowledge & Innovation. (in Danish).

At Esbjerg Business Development we develop and arrange partnerships between the business community, tourism, the public sector, knowledge institutions and other key parties who focus on innovation and growth.

Esbjerg Business Development’s work is based on commitment, a desire for change, initiative, dynamics and impact.

Esbjerg Business Development has more than 1.000 members.

Sydvestjysk Udviklingsforums main task is to initiate & secure the completion of initiatives that can generate & support Growth & Development & the environment around it in the South Western part of the Region of Southern Denmark with business, education, turisme & settlement as our focus areas. (in Danish).

Blue Water Shipping is a global provider of all logistics services in modern supply chain management. At the heart of Blue Water is an organisation of professionals skilled to offer complete and tailor-made solutions to any shipping requirement anywhere in the world.

Blue Water Shipping is represented in more than 60 offices Worldwide. In every Blue Water office we combine our strong global Network with local expertise – thereby adding value and providing our clients with services beyond transporting cargo in a safe and efficient way.

Niels Winther Shipping is a leading provider of marine support, logistics and supply chain solutions.

Around the clock, around the globe, we dedicate ourselves to delivering a professional and personalised shipping service and are always willing to go the extra mile to meet customers’ needs. Navigating a network of strong international partners, we create integrated, intermodal transport solutions – tailored to deliver maximum customer value.

Marine services
Carrying more than 80 years’ valuable experience, we offer a wide range of port and consultancy services and are able to handle all types of vessels. Our international customer base covers offshore major bulk carriers, tankers, leading oil and gas contractors, and offshore renewable companies. Operating in key ports of North Europe and the UK, we aim to ensure fast turnaround, minimum costs, efficient handling of funds and full management of information for owners and charterers.

During the last decade we have developed into a modern integrated logistics supplier. Through an open-minded attitude, and in close partnership with our clients, we manage door-to-door transportation of all types: large scale, complex and oversized cargo. We offer destinations worldwide and a network of professional and experienced RoRo principals, ready and prepared to handle every shipment with the highest care.

Today, we chart our course from our offices in Esbjerg, Aarhus and Copenhagen (Denmark).

MacArtney produces high quality products, fully integrated systems and innovative custom solutions, from design to installation, supported by training, service and local workshops. We cover the areas of connectivity, launch and recovery, and data acquisition for oil and gas related companies, ocean science institutes, marine renewable developers, navies and others around the world.

MacArtney has 16 office locations and 26 representatives spread across the globe

MacArtney is a privately owned company founded in 1978, with an extensive track record within the industry and strong financials. We strive to work closely with our customers to deliver optimal solutions while adhering to the highest standards of service and quality. Our competences range from mechanical, electrical and software engineering to specialised fibre optic and moulding expertise and project management.

Providing highly reliable and cost-efficient wind turbines, Siemens Wind Power offers solutions to meet both business and environmental needs. With over 27,000 megawatts of wind power installed, our wind power solutions deliver clean, renewable energy from offshore and onshore installations around the world.

Our platform strategy for onshore and offshore wind power plants is fundamental to bringing down the costs of wind power. With innovations in blade design and generator technology, we boost efficiency. At the same time, systematic modularization allows us to streamline the entire manufacturing and installation process.

In offshore wind power, Siemens is the most experienced company within the industry. With the creation of the world’s first offshore wind power plant in 1991 in Denmark, Siemens established the industry. Recent years’ industrialization have seen Siemens set and break the records for the world’s largest offshore wind power plants, presently held by the 630 MW London Array project. It features 175 Siemens 3.6 megawatt wind turbines.

The Wind Power and Renewables Division is a leading supplier of reliable, environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient renewable energy solutions. Driving down the cost of wind power is our key target as we strive to make renewable energy fully competitive with conventional energy sources.

Maersk Oil is an international oil and gas company with operated production of over 500,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. Our production comes from Denmark, the UK, Qatar, Kazakhstan, the US Gulf of Mexico and Algeria.

Maersk Oil was founded in Denmark in 1962 and oil production began in 1972. Today, the oil and gas stems from 15 fields and makes a valuable contribution to Denmark’s economy, energy supply, labour market and to the country’s net export of oil and gas. Maersk Oil is the operator of all licenses held by A.P. Moller – Maersk A/S; this includes the Danish Underground Consortium partnership which comprises A.P. Moller – Maersk A/S (31.2%), Shell (36.8%), Nordsøfonden (20%) and Chevron (12%).

Maersk Oil focuses on pioneering technologies and harnessing talent to continue to operate safely and successfully, creating value for partners and host governments.

Maersk Oil is a fully-owned subsidiary of the global conglomerate, the Maersk Group

The associate partners of Next Step Challenge provide valuable networks and ressources to support any ambitious Scale-Up, SME & Startup, check them out:



Invest in Denmark

Invest in Denmark is a customized one-stop service for foreign companies looking to set up a business in Denmark.




Younoodle connects innovative corporations and startup nations with startups and entrepreneurs through online competitions and challenges.


Logo og navn SOF Academy

Sof Academy

SOF Academy is a team building company with many years of experience from the Defense Elite Forces and performance development in business.


Martinsen (2)


Martinsen provides highly qualified accounting assistance, auditing, tax advising, tax planning, financial advising – including company establishment.

Dahl logo


DAHL is one of Denmark’s leading law firms. The company possess extensive local knowledge that allows them to provide smooth, flexible and often more efficient legal services.


develop and arrange partnerships between the business community, tourism, the public sector, knowledge institutions and other key parties who focus on innovation and growth. – See more at: