Cinemood (Russia) CINEMOOD is a portable projector with kid-friendly pre-loaded content and access to CINEMOOD’s proprietary “Tales” cloud store, which turns virtually any surface into a movie screen.


Spotlight Q&A with the CINEMOOD team

Describe your startup and product as if you were describing it to a non-tech person on the street.
CINEMOOD is a portable mini cinema projector that can transform any flat surface into a personal cinema. Putting your favorite shows, photos, and stories on CINEMOOD is easy with Wi-Fi or a USB cord, and is designed so the whole family can use it. It also comes pre-loaded with cartoons kids love, including the Om Nom Series from Zeptolabs, makers of the popular “Cut the Rope” app.

Describe how you got the idea to start your business.
CINEMOOD CEO, Mike Bukhovtsev, wanted to create a home theater for his kids. Everything he tried was either too expensive, too complicated, too bulky, or just didn’t work right. Determined to give his kids a magical storytelling experience, Mike set out to design a kid-friendly device that would be small, cute, portable, wireless and multifunctional. Mike’s inspiration came from the diafilms that he would watch with his family as a kid, a format that’s been mostly forgotten in the age of apps and streaming. Merging his family traditions with modern technology, the CINEMOOD offered a solution.

How does your product/service works?
CINEMOOD comes with over 20 hours of pre-loaded content. The projector can be used to watch videos, listen to audiobooks, read digital books, project play environments, and even transmit your own-recorded videos via smartphone. CINEMOOD also comes with a companion app that allows parents to control the projector remotely, send video messages to the device, and to limit the amount of time their kids interact with media. CINEMOOD can create virtually any environment you can imagine, but one of the ways parents love to use the product is to tell bedtime stories to their kids. For that, it’s as easy as tucking in the kids, powering up the handheld CINEMOOD, and pointing it at the bedroom wall. From there, you can flip through the “watch” menu for a video, or the “slides” menu to project a digital book. Since CINEMOOD can project on any surface, you could also select a story about stars and space, and project it on the ceiling so the kids feel like they’re outside gazing up at the sky.

Why did you apply for the Next Step Challenge program?
We could not miss the opportunity to participate in first accelerator that is aimed at projects for consumer electronics and home automation.

Recent big news?
CINEMOOD successfully finished crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo reaching 170% (over $125k) of its goal and acquired 500 backers – preorders of CINEMOOD. Our project won first place in Russia’s main invention and startup contest Startup Village 2016, received $200k investment from StartTrack. We’ve also partnered up with major content provider KikOriki to be introduced as preloaded content in consumer-ready product.

Who is the founder(s) of your team?
Our team of co-founders and advisors was assembled during the product development and project growth phase. Most of our co-founders come from international companies including, Huawei (China), Kaspersky (Singapore), Innoio (South Korea), and Yandex (CIS). As our company grows, however, more and more team members are joining us from all over the world with expertise in a variety fields including marketing, product design and education.

Current number of employees. 24 people


Which countries are you from? Russia, USA, Korea, China, Australia

Year Founded: 2014


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Contact details: Margarita Bogdanova, Head of PR, Mob: +79257959931, Email:, Skype: bambinimargo

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