Cogni (Ireland/Australia) Cogni is entering the fast moving fin tech space. Cogni is an i-banking platform that caters to the banking needs of micro-enterprises, entrepreneurs and SME’s involved in sharing, collaborative and on-demand economy by providing easy, flexible, intuitive, real-time banking experience.


Cogni Spotlight Q&A

Describe your startup and product as if you were describing it to a non-tech person on the street.
Cogni is a next generation banking service for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and micro businesses. Cogni will provide a multicurrency business bank account to any businesses in Europe in less than 20 minutes – With inbuilt financial tools, the platform helps businesses focus more on their business than spending time on banking and other administrative book keeping requirement.

Describe how you got the idea to start your business.
Banking processes are outdated and siloed and do not suit the current needs of the digital generation and as independent entrepreneurs ourself – we felt it has been extremely frustrating to receive banking services and hence we decided to build a banking service that fits the digital age.

How does your product/service works?
Cogni is what you call a ” Neo Bank ” or a “Challenger bank”. We sit on top of an alternate banking partner. Imagine us as a technology company with access to banking licences.

Why did you apply for the Next Step Challenge program?
Our market is Pan-European and Scandanavia is one of our initial entry market, in addition, we strongly believe that in the future Cogni will become a financial utility company and what better place than Esberj – Where we have access to SE energy and Accelerace.

Recent big news?
We have recently signed some exclusive partnerships which will be disclosed in due course

Who is the founder(s) of your team?
A core team of 5 with backgrounds in Banking , Technology, and Regulation

Current number of employees. 9 employees

Which countries are you from?
Ireland, United Kingdom, Scotland, Hungary, Bulgaria, India, Australia, France & Germany.

Year Founded: 2015


Social Media: #cogninow

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