DOJO Interactive

DOJO Interactive started in Esbjerg, (Denmark) in 2015

Elevator Pitch:

Thousands of highly trained, professional foreign nationals come to Denmark every year for work, but are either unable to find employment or experience challenges in the workplace because they don’t speak Danish. Our goal is to boost their industry specific Danish, which will drive down costs for companies and governments, and improve efficiency and quality of service.

Product/Service description:

DOJO Interactive software offers relevant content and smart analytics for boosting efficiency and rapidly improving industry specific Danish language proficiency.

How it works:

Why did you apply for the Next Step Challenge program?:

Aside from the great way they’ve taken care of our families, and the excellent mentorship they are providing, Denmark is a perfect springboard to Nordic countries and Western European markets. 


Kyle Welch & Joseph Gabriel



Next Step City, Esbjerg, Denmark

Year Founded:


Fun fact:

We are American, but Kyle’s wife is Danish and Joe’s wife is Swiss, so we love languages and we love great cheeses!


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