iNovar is a company from Great Britain launched in 2013. They provide an app that allows you to access all of your corporate content regardless of vendor or format on your choice of mobile device with 100% data security and 0% re-Engineering.

Elevator Pitch:

Enterprise Intelligence on your mobile tablet without re-engineering but 100% data secure.

Product/Service description:

Our 2Go technology drives 2 derivatives at present (MyBI 2Go which enables users of Business Intelligence content such as reports and dashboards, often created using interactive technologies which are not supported properly by mobile devices – think Flash on an iPad! – and MyERP 2Go which has extended this into enabling users of ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics Nav and AX solutions to be able to fully use ALL of their systems via a tablet such as the iPad)

How it works:

We have 2 main components, a back end server which handles communication and authentication processes and a device dependent client – currently available for iOS devices but planned for Android and Windows soon.

Why did you apply for the Next Step Challenge program?

We believe we have the ability to create major benefits for organizations as a result of the ‘smart’ technology we’ve created – as well as getting in some sailing!

How did your company start, how did you get the idea?

We’ve all worked together in a previous team and our 2Go technology is built upon our experiences of enabling major organisations in the US to tackle some of the issues around data visualisations and mobility

Fun fact about your company:

We are winners of the inaugural Dell Startup In Residence Challenge, winners of the Telefonica Wayra Challenge, winners of the Openaxel Startup Challenge, winners of the Grants4Apps Challenge and finalists at the forthcoming Heidelberg Innovation Forum.

The Brits in the team have hardened livers as a result of having to drink for the team!


Mark Hillam (US), Glenn Hillam (US), David Monks (UK)


Robert Daniel (US), Gerry McCartin (UK), Charles Halden (UK)


Johns Creek (US), Bracknell (UK), Esbjerg (DK)

Year Founded: 2012

Website: &

iNovar Social Media: Twitter – LinkedIn