Instamic (San Francisco, USA) Instamic designs and manufactures the world’s smartest microphone ready to record at the tip of your fingertips. High Quality audio, Versatile, wearable, waterproof, wireless, Instamic enables professionals and consumers to capture audio they have never imagined before.

Instamic Spotlight-video

Spotlight-interview with Instamic:


Describe your startup and product as if you were describing it to a non-tech person on the street.
Instamic is a small wearable device able to record high quality audio at the tip of your fingertips. It makes audio recording easier for everyone and everywhere, thanks to the waterproofing’s feature and multiple mounting options.

Describe how you got the idea to start your business.
I have been a video maker for more than 10 years. Documentarism is my deepest love. A product like Instamic was missing in the market and  thought it was the right time to create it.

How does your product/service works?
Find the sound you like, place Instamic close to it, press record and you are all set.

Instamic on pack 2

Why did you apply for the Next Step Challenge program?
Denmark represents to me top-notch quality, design and performance in the audio industry. Instamic is the first wearable audio recorder in the market and It has to be the best in quality for the future revisions. Next Step Challenge is the main door to this unique environment.

Recent big news?
We reached $400.000 and have 3000 backers on Indiegogo. When we started this adventure we have never imagine to go so far.

Who is the founder(s) of your team?
Me, Michele Baggio, Instamic’s inventor and CEO.

Current number of employees.
Around 8, plus many others gravitating around the project.

Which countries are you from?
Italy, Sweden, USA, China, Germany

Year Founded: 2015


Social Media:

Instamic fun fact:
It’s fun that a year ago we were building the first Instamic in a garage and nowadays we are producing it in China and delivering to influencers who we were following online and they are helping us cause they love Instamic!

Contact details:
Michele Baggio – CEO –

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Instamic’s Indigogo Videos
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