Linc is a Danish company, founded in February 2015 and based in Esbjerg.  We provide an end-to-end hardware and software solution for real-time monitoring and control of energy systems in any building.

Elevator Pitch:
Linc helps people and businesses reduce their energy usage by as much as 30%. We have developed hardware and software that costs one-tenth of alternative solutions, and helps save both money and the environment.

Product/Service description:
Linc gives building owners and managers access to detailed insights and control over their energy consumption.

Our hardware integrates seamlessly with any type of residential, commercial or industrial building, and communicates real-time energy data to a secure cloud-infrastructure. This provides a deep understanding of how and where energy is being consumed – down to individual devices and appliances.

Linc enables the automated control of individual circuits to help optimize energy use. Furthermore, it acts as a gateway for existing building management systems, so that you can have a complete profile of all your energy, water, indoor climate, and other building data on the same real-time dashboard.

How it works:
Linc hardware is installed at the building distribution board and samples each of your electrical circuits over 5000 times each second. This allows us to detect the very unique power signature that each of your appliances and devices give off, and allocate load specific energy consumption with an unparalleled level of granularity and accuracy. We can even help predict equipment failures before they occur.

Best of all, Linc is incredibly simple to install. Any electrician can complete the installation in less than an hour. The hardware literally clamps on, and starts communicating to our cloud infrastructure through your existing WiFi network.

Why did you apply for the Next Step Challenge program?:
Denmark is recognized as a global leader in renewables and energy efficiency. Next Step Challenge was our opportunity to establish Denmark as our base of operations through a structured framework of mentoring, networking, and access to a very unique ‘living lab’ of 272,000 fiber-connected customers for initial testing and traction.

Direct access to high-level partnerships with major corporations has given Linc an opportunity to grow rapidly out of a bootstrapped phase, and to scale across the European market.

How did your company start, how did you get the idea?
As engineering students in Canada, Linc’s founders built a full-scale race car that was powered only by the sun. We then raced it 3000km across the Australian Outback, in 2007.

To optimize race performance in real-time, we needed to remotely monitor energy flow through the vehicle – between the solar panels, batteries and the motor. This research and development led to the idea for Linc, energy management for any building.

Other big news:
Since joining Next Step Challenge:

-Awarded one of Europe’s biggest innovation grants – the INCENSe Open Call for €150,000, in Rome. Read more here
-Partnered with CISCO Innovation Gateway. Read more here
-Initiated trials with three major European energy utilities – SE (Denmark), Amber Energy (UK), and Enel (Italy).
-Established partnership with a Danish manufacturer.
-Completed ground-up development of hardware (CE mark pending) and cloud analytics infrastructure for a market-ready product.

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Founder(s): Pranay Krishen, Dan Rogers, Jimmy Tsu, Afzaal Ameer 

Employees: 5

Headquarters: Esbjerg, Denmark

Year Founded: 2015

Fun fact:
While we founded Linc only 5 months ago, our team has lived and worked together for almost a decade – in 8 different countries!

We studied engineering at Western University in Canada, built and raced a solar car across Australia, deployed eco-schools in Jordan, launched the EcoSwarm sustainability platform in Chile, Brazil, India and the United Kingdom – and have now established Linc in Denmark.


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