NWave Technologies is based in Great Britain. NWave provides a low-power, high-range, and cost-efficient to deploy and communicate with IoT devices. The technology has many applications opportunities, the first of which to be implemented by NWave, is a parking system. This allows you to detect and report available parking space in a city. www.nwave.io

Elevator Pitch: NWave enables the low power, long range transmission of real-time data from devices to the cloud, helping people realise the potential of the Internet of Things through transformative new business models.

Product/Service description: NWave’s communications technology and hardware is designed specifically for the IoT. It works in license-exempt ISM spectrum, transmits data securely over distances of 5-10km in urban areas, and up to 30km in open country. It features ultra-low power consumption, and the NWave radio module, which allows this all to happen, is cheap, under $2 per unit in volume, making this a technology that is accessible and affordable.

How it works: NWave uses advanced software-defined radio techniques in sub-1GHz license-exempt radio spectrum to send small packets of data directly from devices to an NWave base station transceiver, which forms the backbone of the NWave network infrastructure. From here data is routed via NWave’s advanced backend applications and systems into enterprise and consumer-facing apps, and data analytics engines.

Why did you apply for the Next Step Challenge program?: We applied for the Next Step Challenge because we saw a fantastic opportunity to reach decision-makers in Danish business, industry and government with the support of the programme, to work alongside some of the most exciting tech startups in the world, improving our own products and services, and to challenge ourselves with new ideas and approaches.

How did your company start, how did you get the idea? We saw that the Internet of Things was set to become the next wave of transformative technology, and realized that there was a connectivity gap preventing millions of devices from being connected. The potential market for low power wide area connectivity such as NWave’s is predicted to be 15 billion devices by 2020, and we wanted to be a part of that.

Other big news? NWave is the core technology provider for the world’s only global open standard for low power wide area communications technology for the Internet of Things, Weightless-N, which was published in May 2015.

Founder(s): Yury Birchenko (CEO/CTO); Jonathan Wiggin (MD of EMEA)

Employees: 10

Headquarters: London, UK

Year Founded: 2012

Fun fact: There’s nothing fun about our company, we are deadly serious.

Website: www.nwave.io

NWave Social Media: Twitter – LinkedIn