ParkTAG started in May 2014 in Germany. ParkTAG can crowdsource curbside parking occupancy purely based on Smartphone sensors. Data from 2-6% of the drivers in a city is enough for the advanced algorithm to predict available parking spaces.

Elevator Pitch:

ParkTAG turns smartphones into parking sensors.

Product/Service description:

Our system allows drivers to see where others will vacate soon. The information about vacating spots is crowdsourced automatically through the existing smartphone sensors.

How it works:

Algorithms that run on the phone predict a departure automatically. All calculations happen on the device so that no movement data ever leaves the device.

Why did you apply for the Next Step Challenge program?:

We fell in love with the support NSC offers in expanding internationally.

How did your company start, how did you get the idea?

Initially we had built an app that auto-saved the final parking position. It rapidly became apparent that finding a parking spot was a huge pain for our user community. So we started working on that. Now the service works well in major German cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich).

Fun fact about your company:

We love fighting Nerf battles!


Silvan Rath and Jörg Sädtler




Berlin, Germany.

Year Founded:



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