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Qarnot Computing (France) Offering HPC at a low price based on a decentralized data center, where CPUs are built into heaters that you can install in your office or home. This allows you to get free heating, while they sell the CPU power.


Next Step Challenge Spotligt with Qarnot Computing:

Describe your startup and product as if you were describing it to a non-tech person on the street.
Qarnot heats people for free thanks to computers! Qarnot Computing develops “Digital Heaters” that replace standard heating elements or radiators in homes, offices, hotels etc, and make buildings smarter thanks to features like air quality and presence monitoring, smart alarm systems, voice recognition.

The heating source in the Digital Heater consists in several computers working remotely via the Internet for clients like banks, 3D-animation studios or researchers. Instead of wasting energy by cooling the servers, Qarnot dissipates the heat thanks to its Digital Heater, and offers free heating to more than a 100 households in Paris, so far.

Our two products, the Q.rad (Digital Heater) and the Q.ware (Cloud Computing Software Platform) form a disruptive system of Green Energy, Green Computing and Smart Home/Offices services.

Describe how you got the idea to start your business.
Paul Benoit, CEO and founder of Qarnot, worked in the IT environment in the bank industry and concluded that there must be a better way to perform computing. The idea of eliminating the standard IT infrastructure and to place the units where the heat is needed, gave the foundation for the solution of the Digital Heater!

How does your product/service works?
The Q.rad (Digital Heater) is installed in homes, offices, hotels etc with the benefit to get free heating.

The Q.ware (Cloud Computing Platform) is used by banks, 3D animation studios, construction companies for risk analysis, modelling, scientific research etc.

Why did you apply for the Next Step Challenge program?
At Qarnot computing, we have a commercial product and solution, but is looking to further develop our business model and especially our Go-To-Market strategy. The Next Step Challenge is a great opportunity for this. In addition, the Nordic regions is an important future market for us and the programme gives us the opportunity to target this market today!

Recent big news?
Established a development agreement with the international building investment group Colony Capital and its data centre operator DATA4 GROUP (currently present in France, Luxembourg and Italy), from whom Qarnot has also raised 2.5M€.

Qarnot has recently announced its participation in the SIGGRAPH show in L.A. in July 2916 and Consumer Electronics Show in January 2017.

The Norwegian 3D-studio FABELFJORD rendered the pre-release of their DUNDER film (based on the Dunderly books) on the Qarnot platform Q.WARE.

Who is the founder(s) of your team?
Paul Benoit (CEO), Miroslav Sviezeny (COO) and Grégoire Sirou (CTO).

Current number of employees.

Which countries are you from?

Year Founded: 2010


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Press release: DATA4 collaboration

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