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Shared Electric (Switzerland)
Shared Electric has built software that allows electricity utilities to solve a large problem arising from unpredictable renewable energy sources, inflexible electricity consumption and variable electricity market prices. This reduces not only the cost of electricity, but also the carbon footprint.


Spotlight Q&A with Shared Electric

Describe your startup and product as if you were describing it to a non-tech person on the street.
Engaze digs into your electricity consumption data and identifies ways where you can save energy and CO2 emissions. At the times you choose we send you messages about the greenest hours to use electricity and when you can save energy. In an online profile you can see your energy consumption improve and collect points to compete against your peers.

Describe how you got the idea to start your business.
We were in the laboratory in ETH Zurich discussing the future of electricity system. There were two sides that formed.

– One side believed it would develop as is, where energy users used energy without thinking and the supplier supplies.
– The other side believed in a better future where energy users were more involved and aware of the energy system. Where energy users are aware of the source of electricity and use according to that.

We were on the other side and decided to act.

How does your product/service works?
When users sign up to Engaze, the first step for them is to understand their own energy consumption. Which hours, which days their energy use is better or worse than homes similar to theirs.

Then they select goals and activities they work towards improving their energy use. Engaze sends them messages with the right context and right content at the right times so they can reach their goals.

Over time they compete with other users to reach an optimal energy use.


Why did you apply for the Next Step Challenge program?
To get a chance to work with SE’s living lab.

Recent big news?
We recently launched a pilot project with SE (SydEnergy) all over Denmark,
Right now we have launched pre-registrations to Engaze, see

Who is the founder(s) of your team?
Anubhav Ratha
Karl Njálsson

Current number of employees.
4 team-members

Which countries are you from?
Iceland, India & Switzerland.

Year Founded: 2014


Social Media: @engazeapp,, @sharedelectric,

Shared Electric fun fact: Our team members have run businesses is 4 countries, 3 continents.

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