Unified Remote

Unified Remote is a Swedish company founded in 2010 that provides you with the Unified Remote app for your computer. This app allows you to turn your Smartphone into a wireless remote control for your computer, anything from video players and Netflix like apps to basic control. www.unifiedremote.com

Elevator Pitch:

Unified Remote turns your smartphone into a remote control for computers running Windows, Mac, Linux and more. Their app is already loved by millions of users worldwide. Still, this is just the beginning. We are now about to grow Unified Remote into a platform and a community for linking many more devices.

Product/Service description:

An app that allows you the user to control their computer from their phone.

How it works:

The app is downloaded from App/Play store and installed on a smartphone. User then downloads server application from www.unifiedremote.com and installs it on their computer. The phone will then be able to connect to the computer over wifi or bluetooth. The user is then able to control all their programs on the computer from the smartphone. Also, see the presentation video here.

Why did you apply for the Next Step Challenge program?:

We thought it sounded like the most interesting accelerator since it was target toward companies with traction and not companies on the idea level.

How did your company start, how did you get the idea?

We sat in the sofa with mouse and keyboard to control a movie that was playing. We thought this must be possible to do in a better way. Then we come up with Unified Remote.

Fun fact about your company:

We are the youngest team in the Next Step Challenge.


Jakob Berglund & Philip Bergqvist.




Lund, Sweden.

Year Founded:


Website: www.unifiedremote.com

Unified Remote Social Media: TwitterFacebookLinkedIn

Video presentation: