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Be ambitious

If your business is operating within industries in logistics & processes, digitalization & big data, new concepts & materials or operations & maintenance, you can join our center for Offshore Industry.

5 months of camps and advisory board meetings will give your company a 360° review and a ready growth plan for the next 5 years.

The camps will be customized workshops and trainings within business developments and the advisory board meeting is YOUR team of industry experts from your industry.

Are you willing invest the effort to create change?

Be part of this program

Key areas

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Contact us or fill in the form under ‘Apply’, with some basic information on your company. Afterwards we will contact you with more information, before we analyze, interview and select all applicating companies, according to growth potentials.

All 3 programs runs from January to June with a finale event in May and in 2019 we also have a program from October!

We give you more than 180 hours of support thoughout 5 months and we expect you to be on location at our camps and meetings. In between you can work with your new learning in your company.

Your company must have at least 2 full-time employees and max. 250 employees. Your annual turnover must not exceed 50 million EUR or a yearly balance that doesn’t exceed 43 million EUR. Applicants should have a vast growth potential a proof-of-business in the market.

You must operate within Energy Efficient Technologies, Offshore Industry or Experience Economy & Tourism to apply. If your company operates in other industries, please contact us for more information on our possibilities.

We welcome companies from all countries if the requirements to participate are met.

International companies must relocate min. 2 key persons to Denmark for 5 months. Office space will be provided, though travel expences and housing is not included.

Participants from outside the EU must be able to obtain all necessary permits and travel documents.

Participating companies are selected by a panel of experienced serial entrepreneurs, industry experts and program organizers on the basis of the product, the team, and the potential to scale internationally.

After the application, each potential participant will be interviewed and tested during the Pre-Program.

All 3 programs runs from January to June with a finale event in May and in 2019 we also have a program from October!

All 3 programs runs from January to June with a finale event in May and in 2019 we also have a program from October!

Apply all year and we will return with start dates.


As a corporate business you know the importance of sharing in order to receive and reach the full growth potential. That is what we give the participating scaleups.

Be part of our advisory boards, gain access to new knowledge & expand your own network.
Get in the helicopter & put a new perspective on the journey towards growth & success for our participants.
Ensure that you are in sync with the innovative solutions for your industry.
The opportunity to create new partnerships & collaboration for the future.
Give your key employees the opportunity to develop & share their experience.
Put your signature on the growth we aim to create.

During the 5 months you will work towards a final 5-year growth plan; called the Next Step Roadmap.

In the program you will have 5 dedicated and customized advisory board meetings and 5 professional workshops for a 360° review of your business. Furthermore you compete to win a spot in the national Scale-Up Denmark finale.
The Next Step Challenge program hosts our own finale for our 3 centers, here we announce the 3 candidates for the Scale-Up Denmark national finale, where you will compete against 11 other companies.

After the program you still have the possibility of attending a network with other alumnis, industry corporates and business experts in order to keep developing your growth plan.

Next Step Challenge and its sponsors do not take any equity or shares in your business at any point during the course of the program.

An advisory board consists of a combination of business experts, your dedicated business developer and program manager along with your corporate partners, represented by key persons from leading Danish enterprizes within your industry.

The advisory board assists your company during the program in a wide variety of fields, with a main focus on making your company succeed both in sales, strategy, communications, leadership and team development.

We do our best to create an advisory board, tailormade for the specific focus and challenges in your company and industry.

specific focus and challenges in your company and industry.

The Next Step Challenge program hosts our own finale for our 3 centers, here you compeed with the appr. 10 other companies within your center.

To be considered for the finale, an independent, external panel will select the winners, based on a number of parameters within growth potentials etc.

The national finale of Scale-Up Denmark on 11 September is your chance to become the Scale-Up Denmark Company of the Year! It is an award show across the 12 Scale-Up Denmark Elite Centers and the local winners of each center has a chance to run away with the big titel of being selected as the high-growth Scale-Up Company of the year.

During the 5-month program, you will attend camps and meetings in either Esbjerg, Horsens, Vejle or Sønderborg. We also have the possibility to plan meetings on either your location or at our corporate partners location, in order to get to know you better, and share the knowledge from corporates in their environment.

International participants has the opportunity to relocate to Esbjerg.

We strongly encourage international teams to remain at our locations after participating. Maintaining a presence in Denmark will allow your company to benefit from the business environment surrounding our locations, as well as provide better access to the consultants, fellow participants, and investors you have met during your time in the program.

The language will be in English if you wish so. And all materials will be in English for international participants.
For Danish participants we will have Danish materials and Danish meeting, when possible. There will be materials and meetings in English, though.

Alexander Bertelsen is project manager in Next Step Challenge

Your Project Manager

Alexander Bertelsen is the Project Manager in the center for Offshore Industry.

Each Next Step Challenge program has its own Program Manager who matches your business asks with the right industry experts and guides you and your business through 5 months of training and through the building of your professional 5-year roadmap to growth – ensuring a 360° view of your business and market.

Your Program Manager links industry data and business development knowledge in your specific industry, to provide the optimal progress for your business, from both the personal advisory board, the business developer and the facilitated camps, during the program.

Contact Alexander for more information on how to develop your business for the offshore industry.

Contact Alexander Bertelsen

Scale Up, Innovate and Grow!

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In order to win a larger market share, a strong and professional business network is crucial. The same goes for investor relations.

However when busy with the daily work we realize it can be difficult to see your company from a helicopter perspective and with ‘investor eyes’. Apply for assistance!

Join this 5-month accelerator program with more than 180 hours of customized business development training – it will open a completely new world of opportunities for your enterprise.

Alumnis from the previous 4 years are in no doubt; a 360° review to your business will boost both bottom line, market share and future market opportunities.

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